Thursday, 22 October 2015

Autumn and Winter Lush Haul 2015

In October, Lush brought out their Autumn and Winter range of products. Every year I look forward to trying their new bath bombs, bubble bars and face masks. This year was no different and so I went ahead and ordered some of my most loved items. as well as some of Lush's new pieces.

The first bath bombs I added to my basket were:
 Lord of Misrule from their Halloween line, its scent is a mixture of spices and herbs. 
Frozen, a fairly new bath bomb with a fresh and floral scent, including rose oil,
So White, an apple and rose scented bomb, a classic favourite of mine,
Cinders, a small bath bomb which makes up for its size with its spicy citrus smell.

I then moved onto bubble bars, choosing the following:
Bar Humbug, a fruity scent with a hint of liquorice,
Sparkly Pumpkin, an extremely glittery bubble bar with a scent of fresh fruits,
Candy Mountain, a bubblegum and vanilla swirled treat,
The Magic of Christmas, a spicy star on a cinnamon stick.

Finally I selected a new luxury bath melt named Snow Melt, a peppermint and lemon scented ball.

Comment below your favourite Lush products!
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