Thursday, 1 December 2016

Autumn and Winter Lush Haul 2016

Before I begin discussing the things I have purchased from Lush, I wanted to tell you that I will be doing a series called Beyond Christmas. I will be posting each day of advent including a range of posts both festive, beauty and lifestyle related.

Each year I look forward to Lush releasing their Autumn and Winter ranges as they consist of some of my all time favourite bath products! So, in tradition I had to make a trip to my local Lush shop to purchase their products.
Bath Bombs:
Monster Ball - This fresh citrus scented fizzer, contains cocoa butter which leaves your skin moisturised and nourished.
Pumpkin - A new addition to Lush's Halloween collection. With a warm and spices scent, this is perfect to make you feel cosy in the cold months.
Northern Lights - Although this jasmine scent is not my favourite, this bath bomb turns your water colours of blue, yellow and purple just like the 'Northern Lights!'
Shoot for the Stars - This sweet honey-scented bomb, contains cocoa butter and coconut cream that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and conditioned. With sparkling stars and bright blue colours, your bath will lift your mood completely!
So White - One of my all time bath bomb favourites! The freshly Apple-scented bath fizzer now has a green leaf that will add an exciting glint of Christmas to your bath time.
Father Christmas - With the same candy floss scent as the Snow Fairy shower gel, this fizzer has a green surprise centre that makes your whole bath glow!
Mistletoe - A floral and slightly musky scented bath bomb that is new to Lush's Christmas range.
Bubble Bars:
Sparkly Pumpkin - My favourite bubble bar for the colder months! A citrus scent with a hint of spice, this bar leaves your skin soft and glowing. If you aren't a fan of glitter then I would steer away from this one.
The Christmas Penguin - This cute little bar will make you feel uplifted and fresh with its citrus scent.
Candy Mountain - A candy floss scented bar that creates mounds of skin softening bubbles that will send you into a relaxing bliss!
Snowie - New to Lush's Christmas line, Snowie has a floral scent that uplifts and refreshes.
Bath Melts:
Boo - A new one to Lush this year. with a ginger scent, this melt is perfect to make you feel cosy in the cold nights. Containing cocoa butter, this will leave your skin silky smooth and conditioned.
Snow Angel - Another glittery one, so avoid this if you don't want your bath to be left looking like a disco ball! Rich with cocoa butter p, this almond smelling melt is perfect to help you feel relaxed.

I hope you are enjoying Beyond Christmas, make sure to comment below your favourite Lush products for this time of year!

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