Thursday, 4 August 2016

Holiday Packing Tips

Soon, I am going on holiday to Florida so I thought I would share my most helpful packing tips and tricks with you all.

Firstly, I always find it easier to travel with a suitcase that stands out as it makes it so much easier to find your luggage on the luggage carousel. I have the IT Hard Shell Cow Print Suitcase. Considering cows are my favourite animals, I thought this suitcase was perfect for me as it also is quite unique and bold!


Then to ensure that I don't forget anything when packing, I always make a checklist including everything from clothing, toiletries and electronics. Also, I include how many of each clothing items I need, remember always take extra socks and knickers (you never know what will happen!)


Before you actually start packing your clothes, you want to lay out outfits. Usually, I stick to packing casual dresses or play suits for the day time as they take up less space in your luggage and are an outfit in one. Another good tip is to pack 4 tops to every pair of shorts, trousers or skirt.

When you begin to pack your clothes into your suitcase, rolling your clothes allows more packing space and your clothes won't get creased either. 


Also, I pack my underwear in ziplock bags because when you are at your destination they allow you to section your dirty clothes from your clean ones.

If you didn't know your luggage is usually thrown around quite recklessly at airports so to prevent your valuables like fragrances from shattering, wedge them between your clothes for protection and padding.


With the air pressure in planes your liquid toiletries can burst or leak so to prevent that cover the bottle with cling film then screw the cap on.

Makeup compacts can break too with the air pressure and by putting cotton pads in the compact it stops them from shattering.


I hope you found this post helpful and as always please comment below with feedback or any suggestions.

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