Sunday, 4 December 2016

Favourite Winter Nail Polishes

Here I have gathered together my favourite nail polishes for the festive season, including a range of colours and glitters.
Starting from the left, this is Ciaté's silver nail polish in 'Fit for a Queen' is gorgeous. I usually wear this on my ring fingers and thumbs with a white polish on the other nails. It goes with many outfits and looks so Christmassy!
Next is my ultimate favourite sparkley nail polish, 'Tassel Shaker' by Essie. If you are like me and you are obsessed with copper than you'll be obsessed with this nail polish too. It is a blend of copper and gold flecks which look so gorgeous, especially with a dark burgundy polish! 
'Festival' from Nailsinc, is my all time favourite nude polish. It has a brown mauve undertone which makes it a darker nude perfect for the winter period, it looks so classy and chic and it also goes well with any outfit.
Red polishes are a must for Christmas and my favourite is Essie's 'Thigh High'. It has a purple undertone and a shimmer which shines gorgeously in the light.
If you prefer more darker coloured nail polishes then this one is perfect to add a bit more glam to your nails. Rimmel London's 'Diamond Dust' is a gunmetal shade with holographic glitter and is so perfect for the party season!
Essie's 'Ready to Boa' polish is a deep shimmery bronze. In the light, it shows different shades of bronze, making it look so gorgeous and glam.
In the middle is Ciaté's 'Snow Globe', it is perfect for Christmas as the white holographic flecks remind me of snow! Personally, I think this looks best over a white polish.
Lastly, I love 'Amethyst Glitter' from Barry M. It's so gorgeous and has multi-coloured glitter which is perfect for parties and looks amazing in the light!

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this post and are enjoying my Beyond Christmas series so far! Comment below your favourite nail polishes for winter.


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