Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is actually fake, my parents have had it over 20 years and is perfect! Although a real tree might be more festive because of the scent, I like having a fake tree as it isn't messy and it never dies. 
We decorate our tree with ornaments we have collected over the years, mostly from Disney Land. It has quite a classic feel and each ornament is special and has a meaning to our family.

We collected these three when we visited Disney Land Florida this summer, the first lights up and changes colour which I love. The second is a round ornament that opens up and has tinkerbell inside, this is my favourite and lastly this is the Oogie Boogie Man from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

I hope that you are enjoying my Beyond Christmas series and thank you for reading. Merry Christmas!

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