Sunday, 15 October 2017

Autumn / Winter Lush Haul 2017

It's that time of the year again where Lush brings out their Halloween and Christmas range that everyone goes mad for, including me! I don't tend to buy anything from Lush any other time of the year because all my favourites are from this range, so I stock up on these goodies to get me through the seasons into spring and summer where I opt for showers instead of baths.

Starting off with bubble bars, here are the few I picked up :-

Sparkly Pumpkin -
This is my all time favourite bubble bar just because of the smell and the glitter! It has a spicy warm scent that makes me feel so so cosy and wintery but also refreshed. However, if you aren't a fan of glittery baths then you'll probably not like this one.

Pink Pumpkin -
I decided to pick this one up purely because of my love for the Sparkly Pumpkin and seeing a pink version made me so excited! It has a completely different smell though as it's very floral and feminine with notes of jasmine. I usually don't like floral scents but I don't mind this one because of the jasmine.

Bewitched -
First of all this one is so cute but also it smells so fresh and light. It isn't really wintery at all so if you aren't keen on the spicy warm scents then this would be perfect for you.

Candy Mountain -
This is one of my favourite Lush products, it makes the softest bubbles ever which leaves my skin super smooth. This one has a candy floss scent so if you don't like really sweet smells then you'll probably hate this one I'm afraid.

The Magic of Christmas -
As the name suggests this is definitely Christmas in a bubble bar, the spicy festive scent makes me feel so so Christmassy and cosy. Also, it's so cute and festively!

This is actually the only bath melt I got this year as I mainly focuses of bath bombs which you'll see later.

Snow Angel -
I love bath melts for winter when your skin gets a bit drier because they are so nourishing and leave your skin so silky and moisturised. This is one my favourite from Lush because of the almond scent and gold glitter. It gives your skin a little shimmer too which I love and the smell is so relaxing.

I only got one bath oil too because this is the only one I saw and it was so cute!

Tree-D -
I haven't tried a bath oil before but I'll have to pick up some more because left my skin so so soft and nourished. This one has such a refreshing orange citrus scent which is really uplifting and fresh.

Moving onto bath bombs, I did go a little mad but I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Monsters Ball -
This cute little creature has Lush's Classic scent and has lots of different oils in which I'm sure will leave your skin super soft and moisturised so I can't wait to try this out! 

Pumpkin - 
This is one of the cutest bath bombs ever, it has such a refreshing orange and spicy smell which is so refreshing. I got this one last year and it made me feel so fresh and clean.

Ectoplasm - 
This is a jelly bomb so it leaves a soft jelly like layer on the top of the bath water which makes your skin so soft, I love this formula! This one smells like lemon sherbets so it's super fresh and clean.

Snow Fairy -
Another jelly bomb, this is a new addition into the Snow Fairy scent line and I love it! Not only is the candy floss scent one of my favourites but, it is so soft on the skin and makes the water a pretty pink colour.

Christmas Sweater -
This is such a classic Christmas, spicy and ginger scent so it will be one of my favourites for sure. I can't wait to use this one!

Thank you for reading, I hope you have enjoyed seeing the little Lush goodies I picked up. Make sure you comment below your Lush favourites and recommendations!

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