Saturday, 24 December 2016

A Dog's Christmas

This is my little pooch, Buffy. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she is only one. I got her last year in October and I honestly treat her like a child ahah! I love to buy her little jumpers to keep her warm at night and on her walks, and also they just look adorable. I have also done her a little stocking with a few bits and bobs, so I thought I'd show you all her in her little jumpers and the gifts I have gotten her.
I got this jumper last year from Asda. She isn't miserable here she is just eying up the treats I have for her ahaha.

This ADORABLE reindeer jumper is from Pets at Home and I absolutely love it. It's great quality so it keeps her warm at night.
This is the jumper she wears the most and I came across it in Next. She wears this throughout the day and on walks, and because it isn't too thick she doesn't get too hot.
I was looking for a similar bow like this from Pets at Home but, it was always sold out. So my ad found this a B&M Bargains for only a £1!! She has this attached to her collar all the time and it doesn't get in the way or make her uncomfortable.
Moving onto her gifts, these all go in her little stocking apart from her advent calendar she has had throughout advent.
These cute little gingerbread biscuits are from Pets at Home, all of her treats are from there because she absolutely loves them!
I found this when I was browsing through Pets at Home and I'm going to put this in some dog cupcakes I make for here at special occasions.
I also saw this which really made me laugh so I just had to buy it! It's beer for dogs!
Because we have a loyalty card for Pets at Home, because I shop there for Buffy all the time, we were given a little cracker for her.
Lastly, this is her advent calendar and she has been loving this throughout the month! The brand Wainwright's are perfect for dogs as they are natural and don't upset their stomachs. You can get loads of flavors and even treats which Buffy loves too.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed my Beyond Christmas series! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and New Year! 

Lots of love
Kate xx

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