Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas Home Touches

At Christmas time we love to decorate our house for the festive season, so I thought I'd share with you a few home touches we do to make our house look more Christmassy. This is our fireplace and every year we place our collected snow globes and ornaments on top of it and hang these two small stockings above. We place some fake foliage around the bottom of the fire place and this year I added some fairy lights to make it look more festive. I think it looks so cute and every time I look at it I smile!
In my room, I have a small Christmas tree that I place at the bottom of my bed. Just by adding a simple Christmas tree it can completely transform a room and give it a festive feel. I've decorated mine with a mixture of cheap baubles just from Asda and special ones that I have been gifted. If you want to see up close my favourite ornaments on this tree then take a look at my Favourite Christmas Tree Ornaments post. 
Just by adding a couple festive cushions to your bed, it can really make your room look Christmassy. Both of these cushions are from Asda but you can find Christmas cushions anywhere this time of year!
Lastly, I added these to my windowsill. The one on the left is a tea light holder in the shape of a house and when the candle is lit it shines through little holes in the house and it looks so cute and lovely. I picked up this candle holder that says Merry Christmas is rose gold from TKMaxx and it goes perfectly with my room. I also have a little copper glitter pine cone on the end which again just adds a festive touch to my room.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you are enjoying my Beyond Christmas series, Merry Christmas!

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