Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Favourite Christmas Tree Ornaments

I have my own Christmas tree in my bedroom which I absolutely love. It is decorated with baubles that have been given to me and that have a special meaning. These are my favourites:
My mum gave this to me and I believe she bought it from Monsoon. It's a little gingerbread house with two gingerbread men stood outside and I think it is the cutest little decoration ever!
Also, my mum gave me this one too. It is a little mouse and at the bottom it says 'not a creature was stirring', a quote from 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'. It is so adorable but I can't remember where it is from so I will let you know when I find out.
It has become a sort of tradition that every year we get a new Pandora tree ornament. This is the first one I got which was from my Auntie and I love it! It's Santa with a little sack that you can put a gift in and his eyes are crystals.
This is another Pandora ornament and I'm unsure about what it is meant to resemble but I think it's gorgeous. You can't see here but on the side it has stars joined together by a braid and it looks so pretty.
Lastly, is another ornament from Pandora and this one is a sleigh. Like the Santa decoration, it also has a pouch that you can put a gift in. I love this one and it goes perfectly with my pink, silver and white theme.

Thank you for reading and please comment below your favourite Christmas ornaments!

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